7 Great Ways to Put Your Search Rankings at the Top

Small businesses need a robust toolkit in order to get themselves right at the top of search engines, and that means knowing which tools to put into that kit for the best success.

One aspect that small businesses tend to overlook is getting higher search ranks through local search marketing and its power when bigger companies can’t rank well locally. Need some help on where to start?

Here are 7 ways to beef up your search optimization and marketing toolkit that you can integrate right now as a small business:

  1. Location Should Always Be Top Priority.
  2. Have you heard of Google My Business? If not, this is a key part of your local search marketing arsenal that needs to be finely tuned.


    Your location can boost up your rank as well as put you front and center for customers actively looking for your service or products. This is done by providing as much information as possible through a form sent to Google, allowing you to show up when users are searching similar keywords.

    Location is the key not just for content and website, but you can also use it to rank high for local events and images that people are searching for.

  3. Google Places Is a Must, Too.
  4. In the same vein as the Google My Business section where you can rank higher as a small business, you will also want to include your business in Google Places.

    You can sign up for free and you only need to fill out simple information about your business such as location, phone number, type of business, and so on.

    Once you’re in the database for Google Places, your small business will start to rank higher and show up in local searches for your area.

  5. Start Optimizing Your Keywords for Local.
  6. While using Google’s free services is all well and good, you need to start optimizing your own keywords on your website, blog, and other places so that customers can find you online.

    This means including local centric keywords in your titles, h2 headings, meta tags, as well as most of your content if possible.

    You will want to make your local search marketing organic when it comes to keywords. This coupled with your inclusion in the Google’s local business database will really skyrocket your search optimization.

    Finally, a quick pro tip about local keywords- one of the best ways to make this work even faster is by including local keywords in both your About Us and Contact pages on your website.

  7. Reviews Are Good for Your Search Rank.
  8. Whether they happen to be reviews on Google itself or on apps such as Yelp; they all help with your search rank.

    It also creates brand trust for your small business as more leads will be inclined to give your business a try when they see glowing reviews talking about your stellar service or amazing products.

    These reviews will show alongside your business website, your location on Google Maps, and any other important information when you rank on search engines.

  9. Different Locations Call for Multiple Landing Pages.
  10. Do you have multiple locations that all need to rank appropriately?

    You can still utilize local search marketing for all of them by using the best local search keywords for each and creating landing pages for those other locations.

    That way you’re providing a personalized experience for all locations and also ranking high on search engines through it.

  11. Create a Community Offline That Can Be Shared Online.
  12. Do you participate in a lot of community outreach and volunteer work locally as a small business?

    Then you need to share this information online. Through social media and blog posts, you can use this to your advantage in order to rank higher and really make people to start talking about your small business.

    Most customers don’t care about business benchmarks and goals unless your customers are other businesses. Most of your customers want to see your “human” side and the positive impact you’re creating in the community.

  13. Directories Are Still Relevant.
  14. While old school telephone books and directories have become obsolete, that doesn’t mean they went away altogether.

    Most of them, including Yellow Pages, are online and thrive there. But did you know apps like Yelp are considered a business directory?

    These websites establish your presence as a small business and need to be utilized in your local search marketing.

About Toby Crabtree

Toby Crabtree is the Account Manager for Local Search HQ, a local search marketing firm focused on enhancing the online presence and visibility for small local businesses. Through thorough research of the client's target market and online behavior, social media networking, local mobile search optimization and an integrated marketing campaign, Toby and the team at Local Search HQ has built a reputation for delivery results for its clients since it was founded. Google+

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