Microsoft Surface Tablet: Will It beat the iPad?

By now everyone should be aware that the iPad is the cat’s meow. So what does that make the new Microsoft Tablet, the doggie’s woof?

The PC world has stood aghast as the iPad has usurped, along with the iPhone, the once proud and seemingly unstoppable dominance of the Wintel conglomeration.

Those wishing to perform some website maintenance on the fly on an iPad or on the new Microsoft Tablet should each be fairly happy because they really are both excellent devices.

When you get down to it, website maintenance can be done effectively on either device. They are both awesome portable computers. It comes down to what is now the age-old choice: do you want chocolate or vanilla, Coke or Pepsi, Apple or Microsoft”

The surprising thing is the late entrance of a legitimate contender in the tablet PC category to the dominance of the iPad. The folks up in Redmond finally decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns to create their very first all Microsoft personal computing product, the Microsoft Surface Tablet.

The Microsoft Tablet has every indication of becoming the darling of the PC industry, despite the chagrin of its many former collaborators in the Wintel camp.

The main difference now, as in times past, is the operating systems. The iPad uses the Apple created iOS5, while in the other corner, the Microsoft Tablet will run in an up to date Windows environment.

It’s all good as they say in California. Apple was once a distant second in almost every computing category. With the business savvy of that Jobs fellow, they have blown away the dull minded PC industry.

By utilizing superior creativity and imagination they have become the one to beat in the field of tablet computing.

Optimize your website maintenance for either.

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