“OK, Google”: How This Mind-Blowing Feature Works

If you are an Android user there is a new feature you should know about, “OK, Google.” It’s an incredible addition that lets you talk to your phone starting with the phrase, “OK, Google” to initiate an online search.

“OK, Google”: A Boon for Local Business Listing
For those of you who have already tried it, the 3.5.14 version is different because you no longer have to initiate from the homepage. You can say “OK, Google” from any screen and go right into your request. For a local business listing, this is a real boon, especially if you have a very unique name.

One of the biggest complaints about these kinds of phones is that they don’t recognize accents or different ways of speaking. Unless you really annunciate into your phone, it’s easier to simply tap your search into the phone. Well, they’ve worked on that too.

How Google Audio History Works“OK-Google”
Thanks to Google Audio History, your phone can now learn a bit about your particular way of speaking, so over time it will more quickly run your searches. So if you ask it to search for a local business listing, it will learn to understand you’re requesting information for something local without you having to say “Near me.”

Here are a few of the things audio history does:

  • Learns to distinguish your voice
  • Learns your particular ways of pronouncing different words or phrases
  • Uses what it learns over all voice recognition programs on your phone

To give it a shot, obviously you need to update to the latest version. Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Go to Google Now > Menu > Settings > Voice.
  2. Tap on “Ok, Google” Detection.
  3. Choose how you want to access it (including your locked screen).

Now you can talk your phone no matter what screen you are using!

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