Orange County Business Spotlight: Colonial Carpet Co.

When it comes to highly professional, experienced, licensed and insured flooring contractors, one of the best in the Orange County area happens to be Colonial Carpet Company, or simply known as Colonial Carpet. They have been providing their services to the OC and Los Angeles area for the past five years as a family owned and operated business, helping both residential and commercial clients with their laminate, carpet, wood, stone and tile projects.

Why have they become a premiere flooring contractor? Because of their great attention to the detail as well as treating all of their customers like family, making sure that they get the dream flooring they want without the pain or hassle of their clients having to do it themselves or redoing it in the future because of poor installation. Not only that, but Colonial Carpet always works and collaborates with local real estate agencies as well as property managers to make sure that their work is the best they can provide the first time.

Because of this great customer service, impeccable service, and being completely insured and certified, Colonial Carpet also won an award for best carpet and flooring in 2012 by the OC Register. One of the perks highlighted by many customers and the OC Register alike is their fast turnaround time, which can vary between three to ten days. However, Colonial Carpet has the ability to do a project under one day, depending on the work.

When it comes to their search rankings in Google, they could definitely benefit from a local search marketing campaign. Why? Because of their lower rankings, customers in their area are looking at different businesses when they search for carpeting in Orange County. If they were higher, potential customers would be visiting their website and, consequently, doing business with them instead of their competitors.

Google Rankings:

  • Carpeting in Orange County = 146
  • Carpet in Orange County = 161

But when all is said and done, when you need only the best in flooring, with great turn around time and even better service from their certified contractors, then Colonial Carpet Company is for sure your go-to business.

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