Strategic Methods to Boost Traffic to Your Website

In the e-commerce world, you either get traffic, or you get nothing. Anything that can be done to drive would be paying customers should be seen as an investment, and not an expense. But with everything, there are effective and inexpensive means of getting the local search marketing needed.

This tried and true method is old school, but it works. By associating with professionals that can help with referrals, like loan officers associating with realtors, you can get people calling you that are already in need of what you offer. Attending functions and conventions with similar professionals can pay off huge as well.

Social media has opened a whole new world of networking as well. Through such means, you can connect with potentially hundreds if not thousands of like-minded folks who can all help to drive traffic to your website. However, as with all networking, there is a trade off. Be prepared to do some complimentary work and referrals yourself for those you network with A great way to do this is through guest blogs, and its even more advantageous after Google’s latest Penguin update.

Self Promotion
This is a lot easier than one might think. With all the forums, blogs, linkbaits and chats, it’s not that hard to get your name out there, especially when you can offer “free” advice or resources. Position yourself as an expert in your field and people will start to listen to you, ultimately buying from your site.

Local Search SEO
Yes, everyone has heard of SEO by now, but instead of a shotgun approach to get onto Google Page 1, why not concentrate on getting high local search engine optimization results? 80% of all transactions typically take place within 20 miles of where the customer lives. By getting your website to pop up on the top of local searches, you can get both nearby buyers and save over the typical local search SEO campaign.

About Toby Crabtree

Toby Crabtree is the Account Manager for Local Search HQ, a local search marketing firm focused on enhancing the online presence and visibility for small local businesses. Through thorough research of the client's target market and online behavior, social media networking, local mobile search optimization and an integrated marketing campaign, Toby and the team at Local Search HQ has built a reputation for delivery results for its clients since it was founded. Google+

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  2. One way to drive traffic to your site is to link to other webpages. Make sure the links are relevant to your site.

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