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The Local Search HQ Guarantee
  1. Everyone says they can get you on the first page. We focus on generating new customers on your website by driving customers through most relevant keywords.

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Local Search Marketing for Attorneys, Lawyers & Legal Professionals

There are over 13 million searches for attorneys, lawyers and other legal services each month, and a large percentage of these searches are done by people looking for your services. If your website is not found, you do not exist for them. Are they finding you? Contact us for our free online market opportunity analysis.

Get More Customers through Local Search Engine Marketing or Local SEO for Attorneys & Legal Service Providers

A large number of your prospective customers are searching for attorneys or lawyers of your specialization on the internet every day. Are you getting your share? Here is a quick test – open any search engine browser and type your specialization. Do you see your website on page 1 of the search engine? If you appear at the top of the results, then congratulations, you probably don't need our help. If you are somewhere near the middle or at the bottom, you are losing out on a lot of possible business to your competitors. If you do not show up on page 1, you may be missing out on a ton of new business. Contact us to see how we can help you get to the top.

Already have SEO specialists handling your search engine marketing? Are they focused on traffic to your site or getting you more customers? We focus on new customers rather than traffic because, as you know, you cannot charge your fee to your website visitors, but when a visitor to your website hires you for your services. We are focused on quality of traffic vs. quantity of traffic. We have seen their site traffic drop by 50% and new leads increase by 100+% for some legal clients.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about local search engine marketing or local seo for attorneys:

  • What do you mean by Local Search Marketing for Attorneys?
    Search engines have refined their algorithm to provide more relevant search results for their users. Part of the change is bringing local businesses based on where someone is searching. For example, a search for "divorce attorney" conducted by someone located in Beverly Hills would show divorce attorneys in Beverly Hills, whereas someone searching for "divorce attorney" in Irvine will see Irvine attorneys. This makes the search results more relevant and improves the probability that you will be found by someone looking for your service in your local area.
  • If I have an office in Irvine can your attorney SEO help me get clients living in Beverly Hills?
    You definitely can, but it will take time to achieve it because of the search engines' bias for showing local businesses. However, if you also have an office in Beverly Hills, then you should show up in both areas. Contact us to find out how you can get found at several locations just like a local attorney.
  • How do you get more customers? My SEO Company tells me that traffic generation is all they can do.
    When your customer is looking for an attorney on the internet, they could be using 100s of different keywords based on their intent. A law student looking for research information will use different keywords or phrases compared to a new lawyer looking for a job, vs. someone looking for attorney services. We find out all the keywords, use our business sense and your input to identify keywords used by your customers, and bring your website on page 1 of search engines for the keywords used by your prospective customers.
  • What is social media? Do you also do social media marketing as part of local seo?
    Social Media is the essentially comments and interaction about your business on the internet. Social media marketing is now a big part of search engine marketing, and is also needed to increase trust and reputation of attorneys who get searched online.
    Local Search Marketing HQ Inc., offers basic social media program for all local seo clients, and advanced social media campaign for attorneys who want to increase their online reputation..
  • How do you monitor progress?
    We send you monthly report showing improvements in your website ranking for keywords, traffic to the site though the focus keywords, and most important, the number of leads generated by the website.
  • I offer several specializations, how many specializations do you get me on page 1 for?
    We cover up to 5 keywords at a time. We suggest that you focus on one specialization at a time. Having said that, we can get you on page 1 for up to five specializations over a period of time.

click here to contact us and to get a free online market opportunity analysis for your business.

The local search marketing program from Local Search HQ is doing for my business. I pay-per-click system ...

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