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  1. Everyone says they can get you on the first page. We focus on generating new customers on your website by driving customers through most relevant keywords.

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Local Search Marketing for Home Improvement

When people search for home improvement services online, they are mostly looking for companies and contractors to hire in their area. If you don’t have an established online presence and aren’t high in search engine results, odds are that they will never find you. Contact us for our free online market analysis opportunity to discuss your present status online and how we can help get you noticed and bring you more customers.

Countless people in your area are looking for companies to help with their home remodeling and redecorating needs. From new windows and doors, window shutters and shades, total remodeling services, handy work, outside gardening services - you name it; people are looking for home improvement companies that they can hire. Research suggests that people looking for these services aren’t just surfing the Internet looking for them at a later date - they are looking to hire right now. And if you’re not at the top of Page 1 for their searches, odds are they won’t find you.

As the Internet is now the go-to place for people to find businesses in their area, having a low listing in the search engine results is really hurting your bottom line. When’s the last time you checked the 2nd and 3rd pages on Google after searching for something? Odds are that you do it infrequently, and that’s because we all do. We want immediate gratification and, because the Internet gives us everything we need right when we need it, spending a lot of time going through 30 or 40 different companies isn’t worth our time. That’s where local search marketing comes in.

With our local search engine marketing services at Local Search HQ, we will not only get you on Page 1 for the keywords we target; we will also help build your online brand and image so that people know you’re a leader in your niche. In our local search marketing campaign we will thoroughly research your business, niche and market to determine the best keywords target, what needs to happen as part of your social media campaign and also the steps that need to be taken to make you a leader in your industry, online. And not only do we research and tell you what needs to be done - we do it, too.

  • What do you mean by local search marketing for home improvement businesses?
    Local search marketing strategies for the home improvement sector means researching specific keywords and keyword phrases that do more than just funnel visitors to your website. Using your information and our research, we'll tailor our keyword phrases to grab the attention of people looking for home improvement companies in your immediate and surrounding areas. Our goal is to get them to your website and convert those leads into new customers.
  • If my company is based in Lake Forest, can you help attract customers in Los Angeles and San Diego?
    Yes we can. Your "area" is more than just the city that houses your business headquarters. We'll use geo-based information to tailor your web content. Currently, search engine algorithms yield search results from the user’s location. However, with a little time and well-researched keyword phrases, your business will begin to develop a presence on Page 1 for your target areas.
  • How do you find new customers? I thought SEO Companies were only focused on driving traffic to my website...?
    While it's true that one goal of local search engine optimization is to drive visitors to your website, another key goal is to convert those visitors into customers. That is why the right keyword combinations are so important. Someone might search "kitchen remodeling costs" and land on your site, but if they are interested in doing the work by themselves they're going to bounce around until they find a site geared towards DIY remodeling. Our local search marketing practices hone in on the phrases your potential customers are using to find you.
  • What will you do for me in social media? Is it a part of your local search engine optimization campaign?
    Definitely. Developing local Internet marketing via social media is necessary and is built into our local search marketing campaign. We will develop your Facebook and Twitter presence, posting relevant and engaging posts daily and networking on both social networks to establish your business in social media. In addition, we will write and post blogs and articles aimed at making you the online leader in your niche. These activities, combined with activity in myriad forums, local business listing sites and review sites are instrumental in guiding new customers to your business.
  • How do you monitor progress?
    One of our biggest aims is to provide you with a very positive return on investment. To keep you always up-to-date with our progress, we send you monthly reports with the most important metrics, including traffic to your site stemming from the keywords we’re targeting, website ranking for those keywords, and the number of leads that have been consequently generated.
  • I offer several different home improvement services. Which ones will you get me on Page 1 for?
    We will get you onto Page 1 for every service you offer. All it takes is the right local search engine optimization know-how and you will watch your optimized services rise up through the ranks.

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The local search marketing program from Local Search HQ is doing for my business. I pay-per-click system ...

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