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  1. Everyone says they can get you on the first page. We focus on generating new customers on your website by driving customers through most relevant keywords.

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Local Search Marketing for Preschools & Day Care Centers

The Internet has become the go-tosourcefor parents tolook for a preschool or day care center for their child. Parents are generally looking for a reputed preschool closest to their home and/or work. Our local search engine marketing program will help increase your online reputation and make sure that you are found on the first page of search engines like Google when someone searches in your area.

Increase Attendance and Online Reputation of Your Preschool or Day Care Center through Local SEO!

Hundreds of parents in the city or neighbourhood of your location are searching for a preschool or day care center every day, using dozens of different keywords. Research suggests that online searches for preschools are done when parents are ready to decide where their kids will go. If you are not found when they are looking for a preschool or day care center, you have lost the chance of getting their child admitted to your location. Even if you are found, you will lose them unless they get all the right information about your preschool or day care center and feel comfortable about trusting you to watch over their children.

We at Local Search Marketing, Inc.,have the expertise to make sure that your website is found on Page 1 of search engine results for the most effective keywords (which we determine after very thorough research). We will also make sure that parents find the right information about your preschool, resulting in phone calls or visits to your location. We have helped several preschools and day care centers increase attendance significantly and have the expertise to help do the same for you.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Local Search Engine Marketing and Local SEO for Preschools and Day Care Centers:

  • How do I know that I need LocalSEO for my preschool or day care center?
    Go to Google and type "day care center", "kindergarten" or "preschool" in the search bar. Up to 17 locations will show up on Page 1 of the search results. If your center is not there, then you basically don’t exist for people in your geographic area. There are dozens of keywords used to search for preschools and day care centers, so we will help you identify those keywords and optimize your brand to build trust, awareness and legitimacy online.
    Even if you are on Page 1, what comes up if someone searches for the name of your preschool? Parents typically find the right location and do online research before contacting the preschool. With your help, we will make sure that they find good comments about your preschool on the Internet, which will help their decision to select your location for their child.

  • Are there people searching for preschools and day care centers on the Internet?
    There are 9 million searches for preschools and day care facilities every month all across United States. In addition, there are 823,000 searches for private schools every month. Most of these searches are for local areas. For example, there are 22,000 searches for "schools in Irvine" alone.
    Find out how many people are searching for a preschool or day care center in your area by clicking on the "How many people are searching for preschools and childcare in your area?"Tab, and fill in your details. We will respond within a week with your online opportunity data.
  • Is Local Search Engine Marketing for Preschools and Day Care Centers different from other businesses?
    Our approach to local SEO for preschools and day care centers is definitely different from other businesses. Given that a parent is deciding on where they are going to leave their kids, the importance of trust and reputation surpasses other factors like pricing, etc.
    While a preschool or day care center can market and promote their activities, parents look to other parents for assurance that they are good programs. We address this through our social media marketing program to generate good reviews, resulting in above average enrollments for our clients.
  • What return on Local SEO investment can I expect?
    Many of our clients have experienced over a 1000% return on their local SEO investment. A dominant web presence and great reviews generate a large number of applicants. Our clients have been able to raise prices and open second locations because of the large number of children on the waiting list.
  • How do I know that my Local Search Engine Marketing program is working?
    Search marketing is a long-term process. You should start to see new leads coming through from the 3rd month of the program, and start to see a flow of leads within one year of our Local SEO campaign.
    We at Local Search HQ, Inc., will provide a list of benchmark factors and all associated details at the beginning of the campaign. Each month you will receive a progress report. At the end of 4 months, you will receive a comparative report. Most campaigns take 4-5 months of intensive work to show appreciable results, as building an online identity takes time and is vital to strengthen the overall reputation of a preschool.

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The local search marketing program from Local Search HQ is doing for my business. I pay-per-click system ...

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