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  1. Everyone says they can get you on the first page. We focus on generating new customers on your website by driving customers through most relevant keywords.

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Local Search Marketing for Universities

About 19.7 million students across the U.S. are searching for courses to take and universities to apply to. These students are applying for Associate, Undergraduate, Graduate and Master degrees. Whether you offer vocational or professional programs, the bottom line remains: you need to be visible to them. Contact us for our free online market opportunity analysis today.

It’s almost as though as the world gets more transparent and information becomes more available, the less and less we know. Gone are the days when a guidance counselor and a ratty old college guide decided your individual fate for university. Now more than ever prospective student’s opinions of your university are guided by their success or failure of finding as much as is available about your institution through search. How is your local search engine optimization helping you with destination specific university students?

Information savvy students who know around where they would like to study and local prospective students will more often than not be first introduced to you through hyper-specific online search and local Internet marketing. Is your local search engine optimization marketing strategy working out for you as best as possible?

Even if you’ve taken the dive into Local SEO content being written by others for you, still that alone is not enough. Do you have SEO specialists working for your university trying to make your name stand out in search over others? How much are your SEO partners focused in on getting you new customers? Or are they totally interested in the number of clicks with no real interest on conversion? Traffic is nice but if that traffic isn’t turning into students, you could need to integrate new local search marketing services.

In education these days there is more and more competition for a steady number of students. You need to be working with a local search marketing partner who is going to dress your university in all the right hues and keep prospective students focused on the ultimate goal of choosing the destination where they can learn as much as possible.

You can only hope that through their efforts that choice would naturally be you!

  • What do you mean by local search marketing for Universities?
    When students are looking for schools and programs, they go to search engines to research and gather information about prospective universities. Since many students have a city in mind where they would like to study, their search becomes local. So when searching for an “MBA program in San Diego” or a “nursing school in Orange County”, it’s imperative that you show up at the top of search engine rankings - on Page 1 - so that they immediately look at your educational institution and add you to the top of their prospective school list. If you’re all on Page 2 or even lower, they will probably never find out about your school.
  • If our campus is in San Diego, can you help us attract students from across the globe?
    Yes. In our local search engine marketing campaigns, we do more than just target the city in which your university is located. Through very thorough research and the knowledge we have of the market, we will target several areas to ensure that your university gets on Page 1 for more than just one location. While search engines do prefer local schools for their local searches, we will make sure that your university makes it to the top of search engine results for the targeted cities we discuss with you before starting our local search marketing campaign.
  • How do you find prospective students? Isn’t SEO more for businesses and not educational institutions?
    Just as we search for the best local restaurants in our area, students search for the best educational programs and universities as well. With our in-depth knowledge and research of prospective students’ search behavior, online activity and where they interact, we tailor our local search marketing campaign to ensure that we not only find them, but that they also come to you.
  • What do you contribute for universities in social media? Is it a part of your local SEO campaign?
    Social media is an integral part of our local search engine optimization campaigns, as we not only optimize your university for search engines, we also do so for your students, prospective students and niche leaders. By optimizing your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages (and creating them if they haven’t been already), posting status updates on these three platforms daily, creating a blog on-site and posting at least two times per week, writing relevant and educational articles in your name and networking on many other channels, we will help build your brand and make you a leader in your educational niche.
  • How do you monitor progress?
    Monitoring progress is a very important aspect of our local search marketing campaign, and we will send you monthly reports that details key metrics, traffic to your site and leads generated from the keywords we’ve chosen and the supplemental work we’ve done in our campaign.
  • We have many different courses covering myriad subjects. How many will you get us on Page 1 for?
    We will get you on Page 1 for all of them, it just might take some time. We will focus on 5-10 keywords at the start of the campaign, which we will discuss with you before starting, and then once we get those keywords (subjects) to the top of Page 1 we will move on and focus on different ones. Our goal is not just to optimize your university for a few subjects; we want to optimize for all!

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The local search marketing program from Local Search HQ is doing for my business. I pay-per-click system ...

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