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The Local Search HQ Guarantee
  1. Everyone says they can get you on the first page. We focus on generating new customers on your website by driving customers through most relevant keywords.

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More about Local Search Marketing

Affordable, Dependable and Guaranteed

Seven years of experience with not one but over seventy marketing sites. Almost 78% of them are success stories. We are a no frills, down to earth company that is dependable and affordable. We earned our money with brains and sweat as do most businesses. We understand your needs. Hence, we have developed a cost effective process that is instantly scalable if needed.

Our services include

  1. Market Scope Analysis, Keyword Research and Selection
  2. Current Status Audit
  3. Local Search Optimization (Maps)
  4. Local Search Optimization (Organic)
  5. Social Media Optimization (FB , Twitter and LinkedIn)
  6. Online Reputation Management

Market Scope Analysis: Are people searching for your products and services? What keywords are they using? Which regions use particular phrases? What search phrases should you use?

Current Status Audit: What do search engines see on your website? Who are your competitors? What is your site's optimization status? What keywords are you missing out?

Local Search Optimization (Maps): 35% Android phones and growing, 66% use Google as their default browser! Visibility on first page of maps is the first step to your success story.

Local Search Optimization (Organic): Add another touch point with your prospects. Organic results are perceived respectfully. So add stature to your site.

Social Media Optimization: Friends are perceived as the most reliable source of information. Social networks have become mediums for WOM marketing. You have to be there.

Online Reputation Management: Very useful for companies that have negative perception and have now turned around their services.

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The local search marketing program from Local Search HQ is doing for my business. I pay-per-click system ...

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