Terms of Service

This Agreement ("Agreement") is between GMRWEbTeam.com, its parent company, Global Marketing Resources, a Nevada Limited Liability Company ("GMRWEBTEAM.COM") headquartered at 2512 Chambers Road, Suite 206, Tustin, CA 92780, collectively referred to herein as "we, us, our", and the party specified in the order form annexed hereto and incorporated herein by reference "Order". Such party shall be referred to herein as "Customer" and shall enter into this Agreement by clicking on the Submit button of the Order.

For good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, GMRWEBTEAM.COM will provide to Customer Internet marketing services consisting of some or all of: local Google map listing, local pay-per-click marketing, local search engine optimization marketing, web hosting, web design, website promotion, and/or related services described in the plan selected by Customer from GMRWEBTEAM.COM's then published list of services offered from time to time ("Services"). The specific plan of Services to be provided initially to Customer shall be as selected in the Order and thereafter as established through correspondence between Customer and GMRWEBTEAM.COM.


GMRWEBTEAM.COM will provide to Customer internet marketing services ("Marketing Services") associated with normal implementation of Customer's selected service(s). Marketing Services shall include only those services as selected by the Customer and detailed in the description of services provided by GMRWEbTeam.com. No support shall be provided for any issue not directly related to any Marketing Services described above, including but not limited to issues related to web design, third party software configuration or troubleshooting, and training. Support shall only be provided to a single designated contact person for Customer, as listed in our official record for Customer's account, and no support will be provided to anyone else contacting us on Customer's behalf. Customer may request additional support for items not covered by Marketing Services, which would be billed at a specified hourly rate determined solely by GMRWEBTEAM.COM. GMRWEBTEAM.COM may reject any such request at its sole discretion.


The term of this Agreement shall be as stated in the Order ("Term"). The Term shall begin upon commencement of Service to Customer, provided, however, no Service shall commence unless and until GMRWEBTEAM.COM receives and accepts a completed Order from Customer, plus payment in full for Services to be rendered during the initial Term and any setup fees/charges. GMRWEBTEAM.COM reserves the right to reject any submitted Order for any or no reason prior to written acceptance thereof by GMRWEBTEAM.COM. After the Term, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, this Agreement shall automatically renew for successive terms of equal length (one month) as the Term unless terminated or canceled by either party only as provided in Termination and Cancellation below. The Term plus all successive renewal periods during which Service is provided shall be collectively referred to as the "Term".


All fees for Services rendered or provided to Customer shall be in accordance with GMRWEBTEAM.COM's fee schedule. Fees for renewal periods after the Term shall be due and owing immediately upon the first day of each month thereafter. Customer will be automatically billed on their credit card for the charges for the Marketing Services rendered or provided by GMRWEBTEAM.COM for any monthly period, plus any additional Services rendered or provided by GMRWEBTEAM.COM to Customer for the preceding month of the Services, and any other charges or fees then due hereunder. Should GMRWEBTEAM.COM be unable to process any charges or fees via the credit card provided by Customer, GMRWEBTEAM.COM may, in its sole discretion, immediately terminate this Agreement, and/or withhold or suspend any Services. Reinstatement of any service will require a new signed agreement, any related setup fees, payment of all unpaid services to date and any ongoing charges/fees for future services. All taxes, fees and governmental charges relating to the Services provided hereunder (other than income taxes of GMRWEBTEAM.COM) shall be paid by Customer.


GMRWEBTEAM.COM will exercise no control whatsoever over, nor have any responsibility or liability whatsoever for, the content of the information passing through its network. GMRWEBTEAM.COM shall make no effort to validate any information passing through its network for content, correctness, usability or for any other reason. Furthermore, GMRWEBTEAM.COM shall not be held responsible for maintaining backups of customer's data in the event of loss or corruption, and customer accepts sole responsibility for maintaining any such backups. Customer agrees to supply 20 reviews for any Google map posting. Failure to supply these reviews will void any guarantee provided by GMRWEBTEAM.COM.


Customer agrees to use GMRWEBTEAM.COM's Services, and any information obtained through or from GMRWEBTEAM.COM, at Customer's own risk. Customer acknowledges and understands that neither GMRWEBTEAM.COM, nor any of its employees, representatives, agents or the like, warrant that the Services offered or provided hereunder will not be interrupted or be error free, nor do they make any warranty or representation as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the Service or as to the accuracy, reliability or content of any information service contained in or provided through the Service, unless otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement. GMRWEBTEAM.COM specifically disclaims all warranties of any kind, including, without limitation, the warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressed or implied, for the Service it is offering or providing hereunder.


Customer shall not use GMRWEBTEAM.COM´s Services in violation of GMRWEBTEAM.COM's the Terms of Service provided hereto.


GMRWebTeam.com guarantees that your business will show up on the first page for search listing for at least one of the five keywords on at least one of the top-three search engines – Google, Yahoo & Bing. If your business does not show up as mentioned above, GMRWebTeam will refund the setup fee for the program you purchased, and you will have the option of either staying with the program or ending it.