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Have you considered using a website or web based technologies to improve your business productivity? If yes, let’s talk. Contact Us or call 714-731-9000 for a free consultation. Website can be used to increase revenue and visibility of a company and web technologies can also help you increase your business productivity significantly.

OC, CA based web design and marketing company GMR Web Team has helped several companies of all sizes improve their business productivity by using web technologies. Below are some specific applications that we have developed for businesses:

  • Corporate message board - GMR Web Team has developed a corporate message board for a $20M OC based company that is using it as one-stop resource for its employees. Any news or information is posted on the board and employees are notified. The company found this web application so powerful that it is now selling it to its clients and asking GMR Web Team to implement it when they close sales.
  • Online Training - Videos can be posted on the website where employees log in and view it for training.
  • Quiz - Once video training is completed, employees can take quiz to see if they understood it by taking a web based quiz. A Quiz can be used to test employees about company policies, test a potential recruits to make sure that their knowledge base is consistent with their resumes, or even customers to understand their satisfaction with your product or service.
  • Reporting - web based sales reporting, attendance reporting, and productivity reporting by employee or group, etc.
  • Lead management system - we have implemented web based lead management system for businesses where all sales leads are stored, assigned to a sales person, tracked progress and provide reporting.
  • Online calendar/scheduling - we have developed web based calendar/scheduler where customers can see available slots for meeting and request a time through email. Over 25 businesses are using this system.
  • Help desk - online help desk where a client can create a ticket and track its progress.
  • Chat - online chat on the website to help a website visitor with any question that they may have.
  • Electronic time card - web based timecard where employees login while working and log off when on break or done. The system calculates hours worked and also their wages.
  • Create paperless office - website can also be used to make your company greener. We have created complete web based information storage for companies such that it eliminated the need for storing any paper in the office.

Do you need a web based application that you think will make your business more productive?

Contact Us or call 714-731-9000 for a free consultation.

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