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Web Marketing is now a critical component for the success of any business. With almost 77% of users employing search engines to find websites, if you are not listed in the first 10 results at search engines, your business is invisible. So if your online business is not generating enough revenue for you its only because you don’t have a good website marketing strategy or internet strategy.  Our strategy will help you achieve #1 page rankings across most of the search engines.

We start our website marketing campaign by doing a fundamental analysis which helps to answer the following questions:

  • Who are the primary customers of your products and services?
  • How does your product differ from the other products that already exist in the market? Are those differentiators communicated on the website?
  • Which competitors show up on the first page of search engines for your products or services?
  • What keywords do your prospects use to search for your products or services on search engines?
  • How competitive are the keywords that are currently used to find your product or service on search engines?
  • What percent of your visitors to the website become customers? Or, what is the conversion rate of your website?
  • What is the overall internet business size of your product or service?
  • How are you going to popularize your products? (Global, National, Regional)

 Based on the above analysis, we build the right web marketing strategy for your website which includes details like:

  • Which keywords should your website target?
  • What is the best marketing program for your website? Search engine marketing, pay-per-click, affiliate program?
  • What tune-up is needed to optimize your website?
  • Adjust the website for the keywords - add right meta-tags, title, description, etc. in up to five landing pages of the website.
  • Add Google site map to the website.
  • Add a media and blog section to the website.

Depending on the prospects of the internet business for your company and your market geography (local, national, international), we will formulate an internet marketing strategy specifically suited for your business. We specialize in search engine marketing of e-commerce sites.
Monthly Search Engine Marketing Work - Our monthly search engine marketing program includes the following:

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Optimization
  • On site Optimization

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