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  1. Everyone says they can get you on the first page. We focus on generating new customers on your website by driving customers through most relevant keywords.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about our (LSHQ) local search engine marketing services. Please send us your questions at info@searchlocalhq.com if your question is not listed here. 

What is local search engine marketing?

You may know that over 88% of people start searching for local businesses like restaurants, cleaners, home improvement services; professionals like doctors, dentists, real estate agents, insurance agents etc; business locations like self storage facilities, pre-school, etc. on the internet, instead of traditional marketing like Yellow Pages or newspaper classifieds. No matter what business you are in, there is high probability that it is being searched by your prospects in your target geography.

For example, if you type "transcription services Tustin" on Google search bar, you will see a list of transcription companies in and around the city of Tustin, CA. This helps the person searching for local vendors get most relevant business establishments.

To help these people find the most relevant businesses, major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. have a feature that shows local businesses on a map for people searching on the web for local businesses. Local search marketing programs are designed to make sure that your business shows up when someone is looking for your services locally on the map as well as on the organic first page listing.

People typically use different keywords when searching a local vendor (Example: transcription services, transcribing services, etc. when they are looking for a transcription company). To capture your share of local search business, you need to identify keywords used to search for your business, and make sure that your business comes up on page 1 of search engines for all keywords.

How do I know if my business needs local marketing?

Do I need a website to be found on the web for local search?

What is the typical cost of a website?

Why is the website design cost for your local marketing program so low?

What is the typical cost of local search engine marketing?

What performance guarantees can I expect for a typical local marketing fee?

What is your process?

What local marketing services do you offer?

What is your fee for local search engine marketing?

How do you track leads that I am getting from your efforts?

Can you guarantee minimum number of leads?

How do you charge monthly fee?

The local search marketing program from Local Search HQ is doing for my business. I pay-per-click system ...

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